New Product arrives at Port of Wisbech

New Product arrives at Port of Wisbech

December 2023 saw the first shipment of Leca® lightweight expanded clay aggregate arrive at Port of Wisbech. This is a unique product that has a multitude of uses from structural applications, such as Rail, Highways and Bridges, to water management and lightweight concrete production. This was an exciting opportunity for Port of Wisbech and allowed us to expand the range of products that pass over the quay.

Until now, the kit and equipment on site was geared towards discharging and handling regular timber and brick shipments. In readiness of this first Leca® cargo, it was necessary to invest in new kit in order to handle this product. This included a new clamshell attachment for our Fuchs Rehandlers as well as a telehandler and bobcat. Stevedores at Port of Wisbech took to the training of this new equipment really well and the discharge of the first shipment was a big success. We look forward to shipping more of this product in the future.

Published On: January 10, 2024By Categories: Port of Wisbech News

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