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The dictionary definition of a port is that it is a location on a coast or shore containing one or more harbours where ships can dock and transfer people or cargo to or from land. Whilst this probably describes every port in the UK perfectly, this description fits for the Port of Wisbech.

We are a small commercial port, offering port facilities to Wisbech, Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire, East Anglia, East Coast, East Midlands, The Wash, The Norfolk Coast, as well as offering an international ship and port facility, a container port and we work with overseas ports. We may not be the largest international ship and port facility but we offer excellent port facilities, acres of quayside space and knowledgeable professional team.

Although we are small, we have a large range of handling equipment and, along with our very experienced staff, we can offer a wide variety of port facilities, all designed to make importing and exporting as stress free as possible. We have our own weighbridge, warehouses and ample secure parking. We also offer easy access to the major Uk road routes.

With the expansion of offshore windfarms just an hour away from us, we find our extensive terminal facilities, including vessel berthing and lots of quayside, warehousing and outside storage space are well used. The Port of Wisbech also boasts the very best cranage, ships agency, ships chandlery plus fresh water and single and three-phase power facilities. These amenities mean that we have built long-standing relationships with our customers and we work hard to nuture and develop them. If you are a company involved in offshore windfarm construction then we are your ideal partners.

The Port of Wisbech offers port facilities for vessels up to a maximum of 83m L.O.A. and 13m beam. If your vessel is over 75m and equipped with an effective bow thruster you will need prior approval of the Harbour Master. All vessels are required to offer good forward visibility. In order to swing, vessels maximum forward draft to be prediction minus 3 metres. Vessels require maximum draft of tidal prediction minus 2 metres up to a maximum of 4.88m.

As part of our ongoing development, The Port of Wisbech now offers port facilities with a modern hoist that can handle large commercial fishing boats. We also offer a 100-tonne slipway, re-opened in 2011, that is capable of taking boats up to 24 metres long, which is being used by more and more companies from the whole Wash area. Previously these companies had to send their boats to Grimsby or Lowestoft for repairs or refits. Now they are coming here because we have all the facilities they need and the port facilities offer very competitive rates coupled with great amenities.